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Drug Rehab|Heroin the new king of the streets that is taking the lives of young Americans

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Heroin Addiction and Drug Rehab. If it doesn't have to be a revolving door.

  Heroin Addiction is killing young Caucasian Americans at a record rate here in the U.S. This will continue until Drug Rehabs, Detox facilities ,Treatment Centers and regulatory agencies come together to head off this tragic epidemic that could easily be lessened. Heroin not only kills young Americans here at home but also in Afghanistan as funding for the Taliban is provided by Drug Lords who tend the poppy fields and ship it across the middle east with some of this ending up on our East Coast in the form of Heroin. The same drug also has an affect on soldiers once they get back home as they are given prescription opiate pain killers to lessen the pain of war injuries.

Oxycontin to Heroin the downward spiral of an Opiate Addict:
It is no secret that a lot of heroin users today did not start off by shooting heroin. Oxycontin or Vicodin is usually the gateway to these drugs. These two prescription opiates can be found in many of the medicine cabinets of America today. Mom, dad or even grand ma might have prescription bottle of one of these two medications laying around the house which gives many young adults easy access. You can visit one of the many high schools located in Suffolk County, New York, West Los Angeles, CA and you won't have to look far before you find a student strung out on a prescription opiate. Young adults are usually introduced to these medications by one of their friends in their peer group. Heroin comes into play due to simple economics for a opiate addict. When doctor shopping doesn't work or financial support from their upper middle class family gets cut off then Heroin become a viable option for the addict. Heroin is not hard to find these days with know location to score like, Eight Mile in Detroit , Michigan, Downtown Los Angeles, CA and many spots in Suffolk County, New York. The high an opiate addict  might get from one 80mg Oxycontin at a cost of $80 a pill the same addict can get the same high from $10-$20 balloon of Heroin. The problem with street Heroin is that you never know what you are getting until the addict injects it like a game of Russian Roulette. It is this lack of knowledge of what the Heroin addict is getting is that can be fatal. Different dealers cut their Heroin differently to make go farther in hopes of higher profits. If a street dealer puts a weak cut on his heroin the result will be many bodies in the morgue due to overdose. This actually happened many times in the U.S. during the 1970's.
Black Tar Heroin is killing many young
people in West Los Angeles and
Hollywood areas of Los Angeles

This isn't the first Heroin epidemic:
I grew up in Los Angeles during the 70's and 80's. I remember images of Heroin addicts in Inglewood in the mid 70's before Cocaine became the number one narcotic to make money with on the streets. The difference between now and then is that it is young Caucasians who are abusing heroin more than any other racial group in the United States. It was during the 70's that the barrios and ghettos of America were full of heroin addicts and now times have changed. The children of police officers, stock brokers, doctors, lawyers who are the ones that are getting strung out on heroin. If you want a better view ask anyone living in Long Island or Suffolk County, New York and they will tell you they know of at least one young person addicted to Heroin.

Military Veterans, Terrorism and coming home addicted:

During the next few years we will start to see our second wave of military veterans who will become addicted to Heroin just years past with Vietnam. Veterans are returning home from our war on terror in the middle east addicted to addiction opiates. The opiate painkillers given to them by military doctors and the V.A. once they are discharged from active military duty. Eventually due to financial reasons these veterans will turn to heroin just like they did after Vietnam war. If history repeats itself again many veterans will eventually end up in V.A. Mental Health facilities or prison. This is a powerful lesson our country as a whole should have learned from injured veterans returning home Vietnam. The sad truth is that many of these veterans injuries in Afghanistan were inflicted upon them by some involved with the opium trade in Afghanistan. Taliban war lords charge a tax to opium growers to protect their poppy field and shipments smuggled out of Afghanistan to Europe and the United States. The proceeds from these shipments are used to buy everything from AK-47's and missile launchers which are used to kill and injure American soldiers.

Reality Check:

There is a dark sad truth to all this that many in the field of addiction have not learned yet or fail to look at. I know personally all I can do is make sure that I am not blinded by ambition or ego. This can be hard at times but at least I can go to sleep at night knowing that I did my best everyday to help those suffering from opiate addiction and not just for my own personal gain. Yes we all have bills to pay but the question should be. What is a life worth in 2013?

Thank You,
Kenneth Whitfield

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