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Directory of Drug Rehabs-Alcoholism Treatment Centers and Sober Living Homes in Southern California

Kenneth Whitfield reviews Sober Living Homes and Drug Rehabs throughout Southern California.
Baird Whitfield has visited numerous Sober Living Homes and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in the Los Angeles County area in the following neighborhoods such as West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Encino, Pacific Palisades and Culver City. This is to ensure that our reviews are honest as all the Sober Living Homes and Rehabs listed in our reviews have ttbeen actually visited by Kenneth Whitfield and also verified with independent reviews by residents or patients of these facilities. Not all of my favorite facilities are listed in this site. Some of the Treatment Centers and Sober Living Environments listed here may be considered pricey but don't worry as I have referrals for treatment centers and Sober Living Homes Nationwide. We also have Sober Living Homes that operate as extended care facilities that offer Sober Living and Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab services with one low payment and can in some cases use P.P.O medical insurance to cover the cost of sober living while enrolled in the outpatient program. Also I never ask a facility for a referral fee as this is an unethical and illegal practice that I do not condone. Most Treatment Centers listed in my reviews accept P.P.O out of network insurance but I do have a few not on this site that actually accept HMO Medical Insurance policies.This included Kaiser and Tri-Care. If a person is financially destitute I have referrals to Non-profit Treatment Centers here in the Los Angeles,County , Orange County and San Bernardino County areas of California. If you are unsure of what Rehab or Sober Living Home is right for you feel free to contact me twenty four hours a day at (424) 202-7426 or email me at

Directory of Sober Living Homes in Southern California

If someone has never attempted to get clean and sober they might not know what a Sober Living Home is and how it can benefit them once they complete a Treatment Program. It is recommended that an Alcoholic or Addict complete treatment first as most Sober Living Homes are not equipped to provide  clinical services and are not licensed to do so.  What these homes do provide is a solid structure to assist the addict or alcoholic in transitioning back into day to day life while being supported by staff that have experience staying clean and sober. Usually most Sober Living staff will have over a year of sobriety or may have a professional certification. Part of the structure at most Sober Living Homes are helping it residents with life skills. Many people forget that those who have lived a life full of drug addiction have a hard time adjusting normal life on their own. This may include teaching residents how to make their bed everyday, wash laundry or even how to find a job.

Picture of what a Sober Living Home might look like in the
 West Los Angeles or
 Malibu areas of California.

 Accountability is something Alcoholics and Addicts avoid as well. That is why a good sober living home will drug test their clients at least twice a week to ensure they are staying clean and sober. They say that nothing good happens happens after midnight and that is very true for addicts and that is why Sober Living Environments apply nightly curfews to their structure along with having residents account for their where abouts when absent from the Sober House. To help promote interpersonal skills most homes will have their residents participate in a weekly house meal to help promote bonding among the household and build healthy relationships. It should be noted that Sober Living is not permanent housing and only temporary. If a resident is kept in Sober Living too long they can possibly become Co-Dependent on the staff or institutionalized. Other things to consider is that Sober Housing should be never be used as a cheap replacement for hospitalization or residential treatment. The results can be deadly if this advice is not adhered to. Most sober houses do not have as many staff on hand to assist their clients. Since the 12 steps has shown the best results post treatment in preventing a relapse most homes will require that those staying in the home attend 4-5 meetings a week and get a sponsor.  Really good sober livings will even require that residents provide some type of community service at a twelve step meeting. Before picking a Sober Living Home be sure to check with their local Sober Living Coaliton and law enforcement for complaints and in some cases even with members of a 12 step meeting in the particular area that the sober living is located within. People often ask why most people want to come to California for Sober Living. Well some of the reasons that California is a popular destination for Transitional Living or Sober Living is that number one the climate change is not drastic and warm year round. One of the other reasons would be is that Southern California has thousands of miles of coastline which are popular recreation areas. If you are looking to attend college or further your career the Southern California area has many vocational colleges and institutions of higher learning and also great public transportation. California also accounts for 15% of the gross domestic output for the United States of America so there is also a higher probability of finding gainful employment here in So Cal.

Baird Whitfield has affiliated Sober Living Homes throughout Southern California in the following Counties:

Los Angeles County area Sober Living Homes serving the following cities:
Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, Agoura Hills, Beverly Hills, Encino, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Studio City, Culver City, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Venice Beach, Marin Del Rey, Culver City, and Pacific Palisades.

Orange County area Sober Living Homes serving the following cities:
Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, San Clemente, Dana Point, Mission Viejo, Irvine .

Riverside County area Sober Living Homes in the following cities:
Palm Springs, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage.

Ventura County area Sober Living Homes in the following cities:
Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Ventura and Oxnard.

Due to our vast relationships working in recovery we also have affiliated Sober Livings in the following States:

 Sarah Marie House Sober Living,Homes,West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu ,Hollywood,Redondo Beach,CA,Drug Rehab, Sober Living,

Sarah Marie House, Sober, Living, Homes,Sober Living, Residences,Sober Living, Houses, in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu,Venice,Westwood, Torrance, CA. Our Sober Living is peaceful and serene.
Sarah Marie House Sober Living Homes in West Los Angeles, CA  and Torrance near Greater Los Angeles areas not far from Santa Monica. Their Sober Living House feature one female house and are billed as an upscale sober living home. The thing about this particular sober living home is all the great amenities that luxury sober living homes offer at an affordable price. The staff at Sarah Marie House  Sober Living are highly experienced in not only helping the alcoholic or addict but those also currently from co-occurring disorders such as Bulimia or Anorexia. Their houses also feature twenty four hour a day property perimeter security to ensure that safety of its residents. This highly structured sober living environment staff have helped many addicts and alcoholic successfully transition on to a happy sober lives. The owner of Sarah Marie House Katherine Donahue understands the triggers that women face when trying to stay clean and sober and uses her experience to guide her clients around these dangerous rocks in the road that some women in face.
Welcome to Sarah Marie House
 Sober Living,Homes ,Redondo Beach,
   Rancho Palos Verdes,Long Beach,
 CA,California. Sober Living
These triggers are sometimes caused by emotional trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder and Bi-Polar Disorder. Katherine also prides herself on being hands on with the clients of her house to ensure that daily recovery plans are actually being followed. Recovery plans may include enrolling in college, attending Intensive Outpatient and mandatory 12 step meeting attendance. Today women need to be a in supportive, safe environment in order to recover and grow emotionally. Sarah Marie House Sober Living for women is great place for women to develop their roots in recovery.
Things you can expect from Sarah Marie House Sober Living:
  •  shared rooms (2) to a room maximum
  • Case management provided on a as needed basis
  • Morning check-in and meditation meeting
  • Daily curfew
  • Daily 12-step meetings
  • Evening time check-in
  • Price point from $2,500 and partial financial scholarships available depending on house census
  • Wireless internet
  • Educational and Career guidance
  • In house jacuzzi\
  • Mandatory random urinalysis testing
  • Sarah Marie House Sober Living website link
If you have any questions or would like a tour please contact Kenneth Whitfield at 424-202-7426

Haven House Sober Living Homes,Drug Rehab in Malibu, Studio City, Pacific Palisades, West Hollywood,Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Ventura, Santa Barbara, California

  Haven House, Sober Living, Homes, Sober Living, Houses, Sober Living, Residences, for Men, Studio City, Pacific Palisades, West Hollywood, Century City, Thousand Oaks,Ventura,Palm Springs Rancho Mirage, CA, Southern California,Sober Living,

Haven House Sober living Homes Sober Living Houses and Sober Living Residences for men is located near, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA , 90034. One unique facet of this Sober Living Home is that it has four locations in the West Los Angeles area with varying degrees of structure to provide a safe recovery environment no matter what age group or lifestyle. Currently they have locations near Beverly Hills, Century City and Santa Monica. Housing options are mostly split between older and younger adults and can also accommodate working professionals as well. Jeremy Stanton owner of Haven House  is one of the originators of Higher end Sober Living in the West Los Angeles area and is also West-End chapter President for our local Sober Living Coalition. Haven House also had Intensive Outpatient Services available. If a client would like to enroll in their Outpatient program monthly guest fee rates can be negotiated on cases by case basis. All mental health services are covered by out of network P.P.O medical insurance.

Haven House Sober Living ,Drug Rehab, Beverlywood location near Beverly Hills and Hollywood, California. Haven House was established in 2004 by Jeremy Stanton

Haven House Sober Living and why Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab along with Sober Living is crucial to an addicts recovery.

Haven House has expanded its vision of how to help Alcoholics and Addicts achieve long term sobriety. Research studies have shown that those who complete a Residential Treatment Program along with an Aftercare program that includes sober living along with a continued Treatment plan which includes Treatment on an Outpatient basis have the best outcomes. This also helps Addicts and Alcoholics have a smooth and gradual transition back into day to day life. Haven House Sober Living and Outpatient Drug Rehab understands that if leave and addict left up to his or her own devices without structure and a solid treatment plan that the addict is doomed to fail. Haven House has always had the reputation as being one of the top 2 men's Sober Living Homes in the West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills area ten years running. To solidify the continum of care we have decided to offer an comprehensive Outpatient services to ensure that our clients are given the best of care bar none. The gradual step down of treatment along with our Outpatient Program helping our patients develop life skills that a can make difference between a client succeeding or failing. Many of Haven House's graduates have been able to achieve their dreams and goals and we would like to see our clients graduate and return as mentor's to our existing clients and not due to a relapse. If you would like more information on Extended Care services please visit the link provided below.

Things to expect from Haven House Sober Living for men:

Haven House Sober Living Homes Los Angeles, Santa Monica accepts Aetna P.P.O medical insurance

Haven House Sober Living Homes and Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehabs Los Angeles accept Blue Cross BlueShield P.P.O. Medical Insurance

Haven House Sober Living Homes  and Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehabs accept Cigna P.P.O medical insurance

  • 24 hour a day on site residential managers
  • Gaining and maintaining employment is encouraged
  • Continuing education support
  • No time limits on stay at Sober Living Home
  • Strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol usage policy
  • Nightly curfews
  • Daily house chores
  • Pet friendly
  • Case management is provided
  • daily 12 step meetings
  • Mental Health referrals
  • Random Breathalyzer and Urinalysis testing
  • Phase system
  • Various locations to make sure client is placed with proper peer group
  • Price point from $5,000 monthly for regular sober living and $2,500 a month if enrolled in Haven House Intensive Outpatient Program. Also other financial arrangements can be made on a case by case basis
  • Price point for independent sober living apartments. Must have 90 days or more of sobriety from 3,500 monthly plus utilities.
  • Haven House Sober Apartments Link
  • Haven House Sober Living now offer Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab services for Haven House clients.
  • One on One bi-weekly with a Marriage Family Therapist
  • Daily process groups
  • Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy sessions
  • EDMR Therapy sessions
  • Life skills development
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Groups.
  • Haven House Sober Living Facebook page.
  • Haven House Google + Page
  • Haven House Twitter Link
  • To gain admissions to Haven House Sober Living and Outpatient program in a speedy manner please fill out the pre insurance verification link provided below and then email to let him know you filled out the form and mention luxurydrugrehab.or Kenneth Whitfield
  • Haven House insurance pre verification link
Google Map for Haven House Sober Living Homes

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My New Beginning House,Sober Living, Sober Living Homes and Sober Residences in Hollywood, Beverly Hills,West Hollywood CA, 

,My New Beginning, Sober Living, Homes,Sober Living, Houses and Sober Living, Residences for women centrally located Hollywood, Beverly Hills, CA,FL,Florida,NM,New Mexico,WA,GA,Georgia,KY,Kentucky,Sober Living

My New Begininng 3/4 House, Halfway Houses, NJ,NY,PA,MA,CT,IL,IA,OH,SC,NC,ME,RI,VT,DE,MD,OH,GA,TX,IL,NH,

My New Beginning Sober Living Home for women is located in West Los Angeles ,90035, Beverly Hills and Hollywood area close to the intersection of Pico and La Cienega Boulevards. Wendy Rudin, owner and operator of My New Beginning Sober Living and has one goal. That goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment so women can recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Wendy is also very active in the local 12 step community with double digit years of sobriety and experience that she gives to her clients.  My New Beginning Sober Living gives similar service to higher priced all female sober living homes listed at a lower price but that doesn't mean a lower quality of care. The living quarters are comfortable and serene. My New Beginning Sober Living is also centrally located to most locations in the Greater Los Angeles area and 12 step meetings. The staff at My New Beginning Sober Living for Women have one goal and that is to make sure that their clients number one priority is staying clean and sober.

Things you can expect from My New Begininng Sober Living:

  • 24 hour on site managers
  •  Transportation to Doctors and IOP appointments
  • Daily morning meditation meeting
  • Community meeting 
  • mandatory 12 step participation
  • centrallt located to almost any destination in the Greater Los Angeles area
  • random breathalyzer and urinalysis testing
  • daily curfews
  • supportive community of peers
  • referrals to Intensive outpatient programs and also mental health clinicians
  • Price point from $3,500 monthly
Contact Information
Kenneth Whitfield
Referral is free for person calling.

Living Rebos House Sober Living Homes/Sober Living Residences,Outpatient Drug Rehab,Alcohol Rehabs,Addiction Treatment Centers, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, CA, Sober Living

Living Rebos, House, Sober Living, Homes,Sober,Sober Living, Houses , Sober Living, Residences,Outpatient Drug Rehabs and Addiction Treatment Centers, in Malibu, Culver City, Marina Del Rey

Living Rebos House Sober Living Homes is located in Santa Monica , CA near Los Angeles and Malibu. I am excited to write this review due to the fact that Living Rebos is in my opinion one of the most innovative and dedicated sober living homes in the Los Angeles County area. Owner Ross Reimen has been in the grips of addiction at one time and understands the forces that may propel and alcoholic or addict to relapse. Living Rebos is the dream of Mr. Reimen to be able to provide not only a stable sober living environment but also provide the building blocks to a solid road to recovery and also assist his clients in moving forward in their lives beyond just normal recovery. .

Their Sober Living is staffed 24 hours a day with caring and empathetic staff to ensure that any issue that may arise is addressed immediately. Living Rebos offers life skill counseling to form solid bridge to a healthy and successful recovery.

  • 24 hour on site management
  • Two weekly mandatory in house meetings
  • mandatory daily curfew
  • gym membership provided
  • meals provided
  • supportive sober living environment
  • mandatory 12 step meeting attendance
  • private cottage living.
Living Rebos Sober Living owner Ross Reimen speaks about his approach to sober living.

Living Rebos// Sober Living from on Vimeo.

Genesis House Sober Living for Men,Sober Living Homes, Cheviout Hills, Century City, Westwood, Hancock Park,Culver City, CA

Genesis House Sober Living Homes /Recovery Houses for Men located near Cheviot Hills,Century City and Beverly Hills,CA

Genesis Sober Living for men is located in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City and Hollywood and Santa Monica. What separates Genesis House Sober Living from the rest of the Sober Living Homes on our list is that it is the most affordable. It may lack some amenities that some luxury sober living homes have but more than makes up for it with a solid structure that has helped many men move on to a healthy, productive lifestyle clean and sober. A big part of Genesis House structure is peer support and it is this brotherhood and guidance from Sober Living Owner Lance that has made Genesis House a great example in our local sober living community. Over the years they have also helped drug addicted down out musicians with the help of Musicares help these musicians move back on to the road to recovery and successful music careers.

Things to expect from Genesis Sober Living:

  • Daily chores
  • Daily morning meditation meeting
  • mandatory in house peer meetings
  • mandatory 12 step meeting attendance
  • mandatory random urinalysis and breathalyzer testing
  • residents held accountable for their actions
  • group meals
  • phase system
  • very affordable
  • They can assist with drug diversion cases and sentencing
  • Price point from $1,850 monthly
  • Genesis Sober Living Facebook page
  • Genesis Sober Living Twitter Link
Kenneth Whitfield
(424) 202-7426
Referrals are free.

Sheree's Place House Co-Ed Sober Living Homes/Houses for Men and Women in Venice, Rancho Palos Verdes, Marina Del Rey, Redondo Beach,Manhattan Beach,Hermosa Beach, CA,Seal Beach, Sober Living

Sheree's Place, Sober Living Homes/ Sober  Houses/Transitional Housing,Mar Vista,Ranch PalosVerdes,Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey-Redondo Beach-Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Bel-Monte Shores, CA, British Columbia Vancover ,Canada

Warm, comfortable safe environment to get clean and sober at Sheree's place Sober Living in  West Los Angeles, Los Angeles,Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica

Sheree's Place Sober Living Home  is located in the exclusive beach side area of Mar Vista,CA 90066 near Los Angeles.West Los Angeles and Santa Monica.Marina House Sober Living owner Julia Gindi and her staff provide a soothing and calm environment  that men and women young and old can heal and work towards a solid foundation  to build upon in sobriety. Another great thing is that Sheree's place can only hold to 13 residents at a time to ensure that your family member or loved ones care and support are Sheree's Place number one priority. Julia Gindi  has a wonderful list of resources to make sure that her clients needs do not go unmet. Julia Gindi is a licenced CADC drug and alcohol counselor with previous experience working as a counselor at  treatment centers in the area and is active in her own recovery.  Sheree's Place is also spacious and boast a long list of amenities with many twelve step meetings with in walking distance.

Things you can expect at Marina House:

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Structured living environment
  • Large common areas
  • Random Urinalysis and Breathalyzer testing
  • Daily meditation meeting
  • peer support groups
  • 24 hour a day on site staff
  • Beautiful Backyard with barbeque,, sitting area
  • Outpatient referral for trauma and mental health issues
  • Price point from $1,850
Kenneth Whitfield
(424) 202-7426
Referrals are free to those calling us.

Advanced House Sober Living, Sober Living Homes, Venice,Pacific Palisades Orange County, San Diego, Huntington Beach, San Clemente, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, CA, Sober Living,

Advanced House, Sober, Living, Homes,Sober Living Houses,Recovery Residences in Pacific Palisades, San Diego, Orange County, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, CA, California
Advanced House Sober Living for Men is located in Venice, CA near Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. The dedicated staff are very knowledgeable when guiding residents through early sobriety. Chris Rudd owner of Advanced House Sober Living develops a personalized recovery plan for each and every resident of the house. This recovery plan promotes structure in an alcoholic or addicts life that they lacked during active addiction. This being a Mens Sober Living Home also helps addicts who are easily distracted by the opposite sex in their early recovery. This can be an issue for young men in early recovery and possibly trigger them into relapse. That is why Chris Rudd believes in accountability. Part of the accountability at the house includes, nightly curfews, house chores and random urinalysis. It is with the great structure that the men of Advanced House can find a sure footing in sobriety.

Things to expect from Advanced House Sober Living for Men:

  • Dozens of 12 step meetings with in walking distance
  • Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beaches with in walking distance
  • Modern fully equipped kitchens
  • Wireless internet throughout the house
  • Groceries provided
  • Onsite laundry facilties
  • Nightly Curfews
  • Drug test twice weekly
  • Weekly House outing 
  • Case Management
  • Advanced House Sober Living website link

Sage Sober Living House Sober Living Homes, Sober Living Houses, Woodland Hills, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks,  San Luis Obispo, CA Southern Califonia. Sober Living.

Sage Transition Sober Living Home for Women in Encino, Woodland Hills, Northridge, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Ventura, Santa Barbara, CA, 
Sage Transiton in Brentwood,CA
is located near Santa Monica Beaches
Malibu and Pacific Palisades CA with a
host of amenities.
 Sage Sober Living is located in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades ,CA and  also serves the communities of Encino and Northridge, areas of the San Fernando Valley in California. Don't be fooled by its location in the Bretwood area . Sage Sober Living Home for Women features amenities that would expect to find in other luxury sober living homes in the Malibu area but at less than half the price. Bedrooms with lots of space and flat screen televisions and of course an awesome swimming pool to take a dip in on a hot day. Another great facet of this women's sober living home is that Intensive Outpatient mental health services can be included with appropriate P.P.O out of network medical insurance. This women's sober living home provides a safe and warm environment where women young and old can build a solid foundation on their road to recovery. The staff at this sober living is all female and truly understand the unique sets of issues that women go through in early sobriety. Katy Hill manager of Sage truly understands the unique circumstance that can trigger women back down the road to active addiction. The staff understand those other Co-occurring disorders that can trigger active drug use as well which may include eating disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Mandatory drug testing
  • Weekly peer support meetings in-house
  • Family support services
  • Intensive Outpatient Services available with Out of Network P.PO medical insurance
  • Massage services available at an additional cost
  • Large swimming pool
  • Large bedrooms with flat screen televisions
  • All female staff that are compassionate and supportive
  • Price point from $1,500-$4,000
  • Sage Sober Living Website link   
  • Sage Transition Sober Living

Directory of Residential Drug Rehabs, Alcoholism and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Southern California

It is common practice at Southern California Drug Rehabs and Treatment Centers to provide patients with a customized treatment plan. Treatment plans are tailored to not only address issues tied to addiction but other issues that may have went undiagnosed in the past. Some of the undiagnosed issues may include Eating Disorders, Bi-polar Disorder and other various Mental Health Diagnoses. Treatment facilities in this area are normally staffed by a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Marriage Family Therapist and other team members with specialties such as spirituality and life skills. Included in the treatment is also the latest in Evidence based treatment such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. EMDR and Brain spotting. Some our treatment centers also use holistic approaches to combat Depression and other issues related to emotional Trauma such as PTSD and Eating Disorders. This type of treatment may include equine therapy, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation to limit the amount of medication that is prescribed to the patient. The advantage of this type of approach to treatment is that patients are now fully aware of their mental health and addictive liabilities that use to plague them and possibly trigger them back into active addiction. This brings about a whole new view at what addiction looks like and give patients a whole new outlook on life itself. The main goal of this website is to help those in the recovery community and may have a loved one addicted to a substance and providing resources to these families before sending a loved on to a treatment center. One of the reasons that Southern California is a mecca for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment is due to its unique location in the United States. It is no secret that many of those seeking treatment for mental health and drug addiction in California actually end up settling in the local surrounding communities. Southern California has one of the highest densities of Transitional and Sober Housing in the United States and this important for Drug Rehabs and Mental Health facilities when it comes to planning Aftercare for a patient. Many locations for Southern Rehabs can vary from Beach areas in Malibu and Laguna Beach to resort style rehabs in the Riverside County area in towns such as Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage. These communities feature great weather year round with opportunities for patients to rebuild there lives once they complete their program at their treatment center of choice. Some of the opportunities for patients may include resuming their career, returning to school and with the amount of resources available in the private sector and from government resources it would be easy to see why California is one of the most sought after hot spots to recover from addiction or a mental illness.

Baird Whitfield has affiliated Drug Rehabs, Eating Disorder Treatment Centers and Addiction Treatment Centers throughout Southern California in the following Counties:

Los Angeles County area Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers serving the following cities:
Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, Agoura Hills, Beverly Hills, Encino, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Studio City, Culver City, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Venice Beach, Marin Del Rey, Culver City, and Pacific Palisades.

Orange County area Drug and Addiction Treatment Centers serving the following cities:
Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, San Clemente, Dana Point, Mission Viejo, Irvine .

Riverside County area Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in the following cities:
Palm Springs, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage.

Ventura County area Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centers in the following cities:

Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Ventura and Oxnard.

Drug Rehabs available in the following states.

Baird Whitfield has affiliated Drug Rehabs and Residential Addiction Treatment Centers in the following states.

Western United States:
California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada,Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Alaska and Hawaii.
Mid Western United States:
Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio,Kansas, Texas,Oklahoma, Missouri,Wyoming,South Dakota, North Dakota,Iowa,Minnesota, Indiana and Wisconsin.
Northeastern United States:
Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware,Connecticut, New Hampshire,Pennsylvania,Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Maryland.
Southeastern United States:
Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas,Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Our extensive network of Treatment facilities and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers allows us the flexibility to ensure that your family member is referred to the treatment center that has the appropriate level of cafe. We also take into account family finances and what type of medical insurance the party seeking services may have when seeking treatment.

Avalon Malibu Drug Rehab and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers located in NH,NY,NJ,PA,MA,CT,DE


Avalon Malibu,Inpatient, Residential,Luxury,Drug Rehab Centers, Dual Diagnosis, Mental, Health and Addiction, Treatment ,Centers in Seattle,WA, Portland,OR, CA,AZ,NM,TX,IA,,MN,AK,Alaska,Nashville,TN,AL,GA,NC,SC,MN,LA,UT,NM,OK,
CO,VA,MA,DE,VT,NY,NJ,DE,ME,MA,OH,NH,VA,LA,TN,AR,MI,MN,MA,HI,British Columbia, Vancouver,Alberta,Ontario, Canada
Avalon Malibu is a Luxury Mental Health, Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Center located in Malibu, CA not far from West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. This facility has two distinct treatment programs that  are housed and treated separately. The first being the treatment for Chemical Dependency also known as Substance Abuse. Their second treatment program is for other mental illnesses such as Bi-polar, Borderline Personality Disorder Anxiety, Depression and many others.

Avalon Malibu, Grand House, Luxury, Mental Health, Treatment, Centersfor, Anxiety, Depression,Bi-Polar Disorder, Borderline Personality, in CA, AZ,NV,UT,NM,TX,NY,NJ,OR,WA,FL,MA,RI,CT,OK,LA,NC,SC,TN, AK,AR, CO, MD, VA, PA, DE,ME,KY,OH,IN,IL,MN,
Avalon Malibu's Grand House is not your run of the mill luxury mental health treatment center. The management has put together a team of mental health professionals that are highly trained and experienced. They understand how difficult it can be for a patient to reach out and ask for help. The surroundings at the Grand House are serene and calming so patients can leave their stressors behind focus on recovering. Disorders a patient can work on recovering from during their stay at Grand House may include, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder,Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress and Bi- Polar Disorder. They do however treat other mental illnesses. This luxury mental health facility is licensed by the State of California's Department of Mental Health and is Joint Commission Accredited.

Avalon Malibu Cottage House Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehabs, Treatment Centers in CA, California,WA,Washington,OR,Oregon,NV,Nevada,NM,New Mexico,TX,Texas,UT,Utah,NY,New York,ME,Maine,CO,Colorado,TN,Tennesee,KY,Kentucky,NJ,New Jersey,PA,Pennsylvania,MN,Minnesota,IL,Illinois,MI,Michigan,GA, Georgia,FL, Florida,VA, Virginia,AK, Alaska, Southern CA,
Avalon Malibu's Drug Rehab and Detox Treatment Center is located in their Cottage House with a beautiful ocean view. I have to say that without a doubt that this Rehab is on the top ten list of luxury Drug Rehabs in the nation. The drug of choice you may have abused such Heroin, Xanax, Cocaine, Alcohol or Crystal Meth doesn't matter Avalon's staff have decades of experience treating drug addiction. During a patients stay you will be treated with the lap of luxury while under going intensive treatment for drug addiction. The staff at the Cottage House does this by providing an intensive therapy protocol. The treatment protocols are individualized to each patients needs and underlying issues. Drug Addiction is usually only a small symptom of other complex issues that need to be addressed before a patient can recover from addiction. Don't worry about what happens when your stay comes to an end as Avalon Malibu has one of the most comprehensive Aftercare programs available today in the United States.

Things you can expect from Avalon Malibu:

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Serene and Luxurious beach front surroundings
  • Mind, Body and Spirit approach to Treatment
  • Accupuncture
  • Neurofeedback sessions
  • Board certified Physicians with specialties in practice for Psychiatry, Internal Medicine,Neurology and Addictionology
  • Mental Health and Chemical Dependency programs housed and treated separately
  • Avalon Malibu accepts P.P.O medical insurance
Avalon Malibu website link
Avalon Malibu facebook Page
Avalon Malibu Twitter Link
Avalon Malibu Drug Rehab video:

Summit Malibu, Inpatient, Residential, Drug Rehab,Substance Abuse, Addiction, Treatment Centers located in WA,OR,NC,SC,OK,

Summit Malibu, Inapatient, Drug, Rehab, Alcohol Rehabs, Rehabilitation, Treatment, Centers,Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA, California, AK, GA,Georgia,SC, NC, VA,Virginia,  OK,Oklahoma, UT,MS, KS,CO,OH,IN,Indiana,IL,MN,NJ,New Jersey,NY,New York,PA,Pennsylvania,MA,AR,AZ,NM,TX,Texas,MD, Maryland,We use the latest in evidence based treatment with a body, mind and spirit approach to treating addiction.
Summit Malibu, Co-Occurring, Disorder ,Treatment, Centers,Palm Springs,CA,California,Las Vegas, NV NY,NJ,PA,MA,KY,FL,MN,IL,OK,TX,AK,AR,GA,SC,NC,AZ,,WA,KS,UT,CO.NH,ME,MI,VA,TN,RI,VA,NV,NM,MD,HI, Co-Occuring Disorders may include Eating Disorders, Bi-polar disorder,Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treated by leading Physicians and Psychiatrist in the addiction treatment field.
Summit Malibu Substance Abuse and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers is located in Malibu , California. This Drug Rehab is considered to be a boutique, luxury treatment center. This means you will be surrounded with luxury amenities and a small census of patients. There are highly experienced in treat those addicted to Heroin, Crystal Meth, Xanax,Alcohol and Cocaine.Summit Malibu prides itself on giving their patients a high quality of care in a tranquil environment. The location is perfect for those looking for maximum privacy while trying to set a foundation for a successful recovery. The staff at Summit Malibu will also provide the latest in cutting edge and evidence based treatment.  Evidence based treatment provided may include, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Neurofeedback and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Patients are also seen by Psychiatrist and Physicians and that are leaders in the addiction treatment field. They have a proven track record of helping Alcoholics and Addicts move on to a long lasting and healthy recovery.

Things you can expect from Summit Malibu:

  • Neurofeed back sessions
  • Weekly Psychiatric evaluations
  • Weekly medical exam
  • Life skills
  • Relapse Prevention groups
  • Introduction to the 12 steps
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Yoga classes
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Therapy sessions with a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
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Insurance accepted by Drug Rehabs, Detox Centers and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers:

Baird Whitfield Drug Rehabs and Detox centers accepts Aetna P.P.O medical insurance 

Cigna P.P.O medical insurance is accepted by Baird Whitfield our affiliated Residential Drug Rehab, Detox and Mental Health Treatment Centers services.

BW Residential Drug, Alcohol Rehabs and Mental Health Treatment Centers accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield P.P.O medical insurance. Contact one of our affiliated pro

Frequently asked questions in regards to Drug Rehabs and Sober Living Homes

BW, Residential Drug , Alcohol Rehabs, Treatment Centers, IA,HI,PA,MN,MO,WA,ID,VA,GA,MS,LA, AR,AK,TN,SC,NC,KS,OR, Calgary, Alberta, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our Residential Treatment Centers will help you get back on to the road to recovery.


What is a Residential Drug Rehab?

Today finding out is really Residential Drug Rehab can be confusing with the lines being blurred between what is treatment and what is Sober Living. Pay careful attention as many facilities on Google's search engine  misrepresent themselves everyday. So to help you make an informed decision when sending a family member, friend or loved one to a Residential Drug Rehab I will actually clarify what is actually a Residential Treatment Center as explained by the State of California. First off a clue is the term itself. A true residential treatment center performs ninety percent of clinical services in residential setting. Today an average day at treatment centers in California might look like this. Morning would start with a wake up and call for patients to take prescribed medications. Then breakfast followed up with therapy that might include process groups,one on one with a therapist. Afternoons might include, Yoga, physical exercise ,Equine Therapy, Music or Art therapy. Now here is the kicker groups, meeting with a therapist should be performed at the facility where the patient is residing. This is where the confusion starts. Some treatment centers will bill themselves a residential treatment center when in fact most of the treatment will take place off site at an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center. This type of treatment center is referred to as a "Florida Model" treatment center. The reason for the name is due to the fact that most treatment centers in Florida use this type of model the skirt state regulations and in actually in use in the state of California as well. Just keep in mind ask lots of questions and you should have no problem finding the right treatment center for your loved one.
Article explaining why you should use a male only or female only Sober Living Home. Those in early recovery can be easily distracted by the opposite sex. This can complicate an addict or alcoholic starting their new life in recovery.

Why you should send a family member to a female or male only Sober Living Home.

Your loved one has just completed a treatment program and you wonder what is next. The staff at the treatment facility recommend that you loved go to a sober living home for a few months while they build a foundation in sobriety. Well for us that have been sober for a while or work in addiction know that the opposite sex being present in the sober living environment can be a huge distraction. It should also be noted that Addicts and Alcoholics tend to change their focus of addiction once they are sober. It is not uncommon for addicts to get out of treatment ,move into sober living and then relapse. If you ask many of those that have relapsed they would tell you that they stopped focusing on their personal recovery and instead got involved with a sexual or emotional relationship. It could be said that relationships could be helpful but for an addict or alcoholic in the first year of sobriety it can actually be devastating. Those that suffer from disorders that involve some type of addiction are usually very emotionally immature and not capable of dealing with rejection or healthy boundaries. It is also easier for addicts and alcoholics to be held accountable for our behavior by those of the same gender as their are not sexual or emotional alterior motives involved. Sober Living Homes that are gender specific might be recommended if a family member has relapsed more than once in a Co-Ed Sober Living Home. This also helps eliminate ethical and boundary issues between staff and clients. Those that are addicted are constantly seeking self gratification or relief from self in one form or another and can either become very abusive or Co-Dependent during the early phases of recovery. If an addict doesn't take the time to find what are the personal defects that hurt them and those that care for they are doomed to fail. It is this reason that most recommend that addicts or those addicted to wait a year as there mind and bodies develop so they can become more emotionally well rounded. It is time bonding with those of the same gender that helps promote this. Some may argue this point but the reality is that is why the majority of sober living homes also know as Half way Houses are now gender specific. So if your loved one keeps relapsing in Co-Ed sober living environments it may be time to make a change and find a gender specific sober living home.

This Residential Treatment Center picture of Avalon Malibu gives you an idea of serene and calm surroundings that have helped those addicted to drugs and alcohol and those suffering from other mental disorders.

What is a Residential Inpatient Treatment Center?

When looking for a Residential Drug Rehab or Mental Health Treatment Center many questions come to mind for those looking for a loved one. Today there are so many acronyms and terms that would confuse even most doctors. The term Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center or Drug Rehab is one term that actually describes what it means. It basically means that the patient is put into a residential setting while under going treatment for substance abuse or for other mental health issues such as Bi-Polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder or for Schizo Effective. The reason for this is that it puts the patients in a more familiar home setting that has been proven to be effective for patients. It is recommended if a patient might be a harm to themselves or others that they be placed in a locked mental health hospital until the patient stabilizes. This make take 72 hours to a month. Once the patient is stabilized then it is usually recommended that the patient continues treatment at a Residential Drug Rehab or Mental Health facility for an additional 30-90 days and in some cases up to 180 days depending on the patients progress. The great things about these treatment centers is the fact the patient does not feel that they are incarcerated and therefore able to more easily open up to their Therapist of Psychiatrist and therefore make more progress during the patients recovery.

What is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center? How do I know the difference between a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center and a regular

What is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

The term Dual Diagnosis was more than likely started to be used at the end of the 1980's. The reason there is a need for a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center is simple. It is well known in the Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Community that most patient that come into Drug Rehabs have underlying issues that may have been a contributing factor to active addiction. Today the run of the mill Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center simply doesn't cut and explains the poor out comes of only one out of ten Alcoholics or Addicts staying clean and sober after treatment. It underlying and untreated mental health diagnosis such as Eating Disorders, Sex Addiction, Gambling can contribute  to an addict or alcoholic returning back down the road to drinking and using. The other mental  health disorders that may reek havoc in  Dual Diagnosed patients life may be Bi-polar disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder or emotional trauma caused by a violent event or sexual abuse that was never previously reported. Mental Health clinicians over the last twenty years have now started to treat drug addiction and mental illness together. That is why today we have these types of treatment centers. A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center will usually be in a residential setting with a balanced staff of Psychiatrist, MD, Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. This is to bring a balanced approach from a clinical stand point. How can I separate a regular Drug Rehab from a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center. Well that is easy. Just ask the right questions. Most good Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers not only have process groups and one on one therapy but all provide evidence based treatment. Evidence based treatment at these types of facilities may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfullness Training, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and EDMR. These facilities might also offer Yoga, Meditation classes to help patients manage stress and anxiety. One thing to remember that those who are Dual Diagnosed might be required to take a combination of what are referred to as "Psych Meds". A good facility will actually monitor side effects of medication as some of these medications can sedate patients which can contribute to depression or other medications that might amply anxiety which can both contribute to a relapse. If you just keeps these things in mind and ask the right questions if can make a difference between your loved moving back on to the road to recovery or a patients next set back.

What should I take with me to my Drug Rehab?

 This is a question often asked by those getting ready to seek treatment at an inpatient drug rehab. Yes common sense has to be used at this point. You have to remember that you are only going to be in treatment for a few months and not a lifetime. Starting with what you are going to wear. First think about which part of the country you will be staying and what time of year you will be staying at your inpatient treatment center. It is recommended that you take enough clothes for one week as most treatment centers have onsite laundry facilities. Patients should also take with them personal hygene items such as toothpaste, bar soap, deodarant, shampoo and only bring mouth wash that is alcohol free as most treatment centers will throw it out once you are admitted for treatment. Don't not take any over the counter medications to treatment as medication at this point will be dispensed by your primary care provider which is your treatment center. It is also advised that you do not bring a lap top computer of tablet. You are in treatment and contact with outside negative influences like friends you may have used drugs with or co-dependent family members just might trigger you into leaving rehab or with out realizing it actually planning your next relapse. Remember that not everyone is going to be happy with you wanting to be healthy as some of those old so called friends just might be plotting your demise already. Limited contact with family might be recommended as well and the expectations of the addict or alcoholic being cured right a way comes up a lot with family as they don't understand the recovery process and sometimes family member have their own issues resolved before you return home.

How long should I stay in a Sober Living?

How long should I stay in sober living, is frequently asked by those just recently moving into a sober living home after completing a stay at a residential drug rehab.Parents also ask this question due to the fact they are hoping that their loved one will be able to function as they once did before addiction got a hold of them. The transition process should not be taking lightly. Sober Living Homes help the addict or alcoholic put into practice what they learned at their treatment facility while in supported community of those trying to stay clean and sober. One thing thing that alcoholics and addicts resist the most is structure in their lives and a sober living home help re enforce the practice of structure and a healthy daily routine that help those afflicted by addiction become responsible members of society. Just like the stay at a Drug Rehab is determined on an individual basis according to the progress of the patient the same applies to a client staying at a sober living home. One client might be good to go after just four months while others might take up to a year before they are ready to transition on their own in a healthy manner. You have to remember that addiction can be deadly and it is a journey and not a drag race. If these recommendations are not adhered to I have seen those in a hurry to leave sober living to eventually go on and relapse, overdose then end up attending that person's funeral months later. Those that I have seen be patient and take their time have moved on to productive lives clean and sober with numerous years of sobriety under their belt. One of these young men that I helped years ago at nine months moved into his own apartment stayed involved with a 12 step program and stayed in college and now this year 2014 will be celebrating four years of sobriety. How did he do this? Well he wasn't in a hurry to leave sober living and when he did worked with my on his exit plan and if this got rough had a plan of action to maintain his sobriety by stay involved in the recovery process. Like I said it is personal choice but remember that those in a hurry are usually the first ones to relapse.

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